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Lake's Yoga Etiquette

Hey yogis! 

Here's some suggested framework to ensure you have the best class experience..ever. 

If you have any questions, please reach out! 

We are here to help! 


Research the class style

We provide a description of each class offered that will identify heat & level of difficulty. If you are a beginner, one of the best ways to become associated with the practice is through a Foundations 101 Yoga Workshop which is offered bi-monthly.  

If you have any questions about what may be the best class for you, please reach out!

Eating/ Drinking

It is best to let meals or snacks digest before coming to class. After a meal, give yourself 2 hours before practicing yoga. After a snack, give yourself 1 hour. You may drink water during class as needed, but you may feel more comfortable if you hydrate prior to class.

What to wear

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes that are not too loose. Choose appropriately based on how your clothing may respond to things like sweat, twisting, lying down, or bending forward.​

What to Bring

A yoga mat, towel, & water. We have mats available for rent & other necessary yoga props for your convenience.

Avoid: Wearing strong scents such as perfumes, deodorants, essential oils, or cologne. 


Get there early

If it is your first time, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out any necessary forms, get changed if needed, & settle in.



Having bare feet during your practice on your mat is highly encouraged for stability. You can enter the space with socks on and then remove them once you settle in. 

Electronic devices

Please turn your cell phone off or set it to silent.

If you've brought your cell phone in with you & it accidentally rings aloud during class, please turn it off as soon as you safely can. 

Please silence your Apple Watches too. 

The staff prefers that all electronic devices be stored prior to class as a means to connect to your practice & allow your fellow yoga peers to also sink into their class. 

Your instructor may ask you to step away from class if texting becomes distracting to others. 


If you have any injuries, limitations, or concerns- please notify your instructor before class begins so they can help you stay safe.

Enter the room & position your mat

Orient your mat so you will be facing the teacher. If you are new to yoga and are trying out a class that may have some more experienced students in it, then you might consider placing your mat in a row behind the front so you can follow along more easily. Place your props and your water bottle nearby your mat to keep them handy, but make sure they are not in your way.


Take Child's pose at any time
If at any point you feel that you need a rest, then please take Child's pose. You can return to Child's pose at any time even if the teacher does not specifically cue it-and then rejoin the class when you are ready.
If you feel that you need to leave the room

It is not uncommon to experience dizziness, fatigue, or discomfort during your first yoga classes. If you must leave the room, then please choose a point in the class that is resting (i.e., Child's pose or Down Dog) to excuse yourself, and leave & return quietly.

Follow your teacher's cues
Unless you are taking Child's Pose in order to rest or center yourself before rejoining the class, then please follow your teacher's cues rather than following your own sequence. If there is a pose that you feel you cannot or should not do, then please let your teacher know and s/he can provide a modification or an alternative.
Your teacher will hold the space

Your teacher is responsible for setting the tone of each class, this includes and is not limited to lighting, music, heat, etc. Please let your teacher know if you have any requests as these variables impact the entire class experience. 
Savasana, or Corpse pose, is the last pose we do in class, and consists of lying down on our mats with our bodies relaxed and our eyes closed so that we may absorb the benefits of our yoga practice. This is a very important part of yoga class, so please give yourself a full Savasana.
Your teacher will let you know when it's time to come out of the pose.


Clean your immediate area
If you borrowed a mat from the studio, bring it back to the front desk.
If there is moisture on the floor around your mat-either from your perspiration or your water bottle-wipe it up with your towel. If you used props, bring them out with you & place them in the baskets. 

Speak with your teacher after class if you have any questions or concerns about your yoga practice.

Also, feel free to provide feedback!
We would love to hear from you!


First come, first serve- The shower closes 30 minutes following class. The staff needs to ensure the facilities are prepared for the next class & continue on to their personal schedules. Thank you for understanding! 


10-minute shower limit per person- If you need to continue to get ready, you can relocate to our other bathroom. 


Bath towel usage is complimentary- Please return the towels to the bag for laundering. 


Kindly, keep the space tidy for all to use- We are very busy at Lake Yoga & the shower is a perk that students like to enjoy. 


Let the staff know if any toiletries are empty- We have a full stock of spa goodies ready for you!

Just say the word & we will refill items. 

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