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Lake Affects
Student Ambassador

Affect: /əˈfek(t)/ Verb: influence; make a difference to. touch the feelings of (someone); move emotionally. 

Lake Yoga is thrilled to announce our brand new student ambassador program! This program is designed for yogis who have a strong, positive presence in our studio.

As our biggest advocates, we appreciate the active hand you have in growing & shaping our community—& we want to recognize your dedication to Lake Yoga & to your own practice with some fun perks & recognition.  

Ambassadors are the face of the studio.  

They share our enthusiasm & passion for yoga & personal growth.


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Does this sound like you?  We thought so!  

Once a month, the Lake Yoga Leadership team will select our Ambassador. 

Here's how we select our honoree! 


  • Membership: Active membership at Lake Yoga (i.e., passes or unlimited membership)

  • Social Interaction: Although not required, we appreciate social engagement & sharing of studio happenings. IG: Lake Yoga FB: Lake Yoga 

  • Referrals: While the volume of student referrals is not a qualifier, we appreciate your  suggestions of Lake Yoga to your family & friends 

Ambassadors Characteristics: 

  • Love for & knowledge of Lake Yoga 

  • Commitment to a personal yoga practice on & off the mat  

  • Professionalism 

  • Lake community involvement 

  • Positive & emulative attitude 

......And you get stuff too! 


  • Free membership for your month of recognition 

  • If you have active passes, they can be paused until your month is complete. This perk cannot be shared or transferred. This perk cannot be redeemed for cash value/credit. 

  • 25% off workshops for your month of recognition.

  • 25% off Lake Yoga branded retail for your month of recognition.

  • Social media, newsletter, & website feature. 

  • Ambassador gift

We Are Hiring (Flyer)
We Are Hiring (Flyer)
We Are Hiring (Flyer)
We Are Hiring (Flyer)

Have questions? Connect with us! 

We are so excited to hear from you...


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